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The growth of the Knox County Symphony is one of Knox County’s shining achievements.  The creation of the Symphony in 1965 had three purposes according to founder Paul Schwartz: first, to provide a training ground for young musicians of high school and college age; second, to provide a performance outlet for community musicians; and third, to provide musical fare that was both educational and entertaining for Knox County audiences. 

The Symphony, through the continued generosity of hundreds of county businesses and individuals, has attained and surpassed these goals.  The concerts feature soloists of national and international stature as well as superb local musicians, and the prowess of the orchestra has improved over time.  The Symphony assists qualified members of the orchestra in receiving private instruction in order to help them reach their full potential.  The Knox County Symphony has earned a central place in the cultural life of the community and maintains as its mission the fostering of classical music-making by and for our residents.

The Symphony will begin its season as before in the beautiful R. R. Hodges
Chapel/Auditorium on the Mount Vernon Nazarene University campus. For
the winter and spring programs, the Kenyon campus has opened a new
underground parking garage which will offer new routes to gain access to
Rosse Hall. Updates for how to traverse this and other areas, and for specific
handicap assistance, will be made prior to our Winter and Spring concerts.
Check the Knox County Symphony website for the most up-to-date